Eating a healthy balanced diet means eating a variety of different

foods. It's important to eat the right balance of foods so that we have

all the nutrients we need to grow and be healthy.

Archie Apple wants us to "Get the Balance right".

He says to eat more of these foods because they give us energy and lots

of vitamins and minerals:

Fruit - such as oranges apples, apricots & pears

Vegetables - like broccoli, peas, carrots, salad & sweet corn

Starchy foods -  like Rice Pasta Potatoes and bread

Newport Catering Provides a healthy balanced meal every day to help

Newport Primary School children get the balance right.


Bella Banana says:

Keep active - try to be active for 1 hour, 5 times a week to stay fit

and healthy

Activities such as skipping, dancing, playing games and  bike riding are fun to do .

Being active, along with a balanced diet makes you feel good and helps keep you fit and healthy