Pupil Deprivation Grant ( PDG)

The PDG (Pupil Deprivation Grant) was launched in Wales in 2012 and provides additional funding to schools based on the number of pupils on roll eligible for Free School Meals or who are Looked After Children (LAC).

Funding is provided on a per pupil basis to ensure that these pupils are given extended opportunities to make good progress.

All school must provide information to their local consortia outlining how this grant is used.

The number of pupils on roll at Marshfield Primary School in September 2017 is 2.95%

The school’s current FSM (Free School Meal) figure is £17,239

This is an increase from the previous year which was £14,692.

The school uses its PDG funding to support pupils who currently receive Free School Meals or have done so previously. This support is continually monitored and refines according to progress and needs.

The total allocation for this school for the year, from April 2017 to March 2018 is

At Marshfield Primary, we support pupils facing challenges of poverty and deprivation in the following way-

  • The employment of specialist teaching assistants to deliver bespoke programmes for literacy, numeracy and wellbeing,
  • Additional training for staff in techniques and strategies to help vulnerable pupils, especially those pupils facing emotional struggles.
  • The purchase of digital technology to further support learning.

The school’s spending plans are regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body and the EAS ( Educational Achievement Service) on a regular basis to ensure that the school provides good value for money.