Sex and Relationship


Sex and Relationship Policy


Marshfield Primary School caters for pupils 4 - 11 years of age. It is situated on the edge of the Gwent levels and serves the six village communities of Castleton, Coedkernew, Marshfield, Michaelstone-y-Fedw, Peterstone and St. Brides. There are currently 378 pupils on roll of which ?% have additional learning needs. The majority of housing is private with a small number of local authority housing. Parents of pupils are, on the whole caring. A growing number of our pupils come from homes where parents are in second marriages.

Policy Information and Consultation

  • Parents involved in the Parent / Teacher Advisory Group and the Parents and Friends Association have been consulted in the writing of this document, along with parent representatives of the Governing Body.
  • Pupils in Years 5 and 6 were introduced to the document by the Pastoral Mentor and their opinions taken into account.
  • The policy is due for review and possible development in September 2012.

Policy Statement

SRE is a lifelong process of acquiring information, developing skills and forming positive beliefs and attitudes about sex, sexuality, relationships and feelings.

Effective SRE can make a significant contribution to the development of the personal skills needed by pupils if they are to establish and maintain relationships. It also enables young people to make responsible and informed decisions about their health and well being.

Education Acts along with other policies such as the Whole School Curriculum Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Drug Education Policy, Child Protection Policy and Race Equality Policy are considered in the writing of this document.

Aims and Objectives

This policy is a working document which provides guidance and information on all aspects of SRE in the school for staff, parents / carers and governors. To be accessible to all these groups, the document is available on request and presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Moral and Values Framework

The SRE programme at Marshfield reflects the school ethos and demonstrates and encourages the following values:

  • Respect for self;
  • Respect for others;
  • Responsibility fro their own actions;
  • Responsibility for their place in the family, friends, school and the wider community.

Equal Opportunities Statement

Marshfield Primary School is committed to the provision of SRE to al its pupils. The programme aims to respond to the diversity of children's cultures, faiths and family backgrounds.


In the Foundation Phase / Key Stage 1, pupils learn to recognise similarities and differences between themselves and others, identify and share their feelings with each other, recognise safe and unsafe situations and identify and be able to talk to someone they trust.

In Key Stage 2, pupils learn to express their opinions about relationships and bullying and to listen to and support others, including respecting other people's viewpoints and beliefs. They learn to recognise their own worth and identify positive things about themselves and try to balance the stresses in life in order to promote their own and others well being. Life processes are discussed including the physical changes that take place at puberty, why they happen and how they manage them.

The content of the curriculum covers all the areas above mainly through science, PSE / reflective sessions and health lessons. Lessons on the changes in puberty are discussed and agreed by the parents of Year 6 pupils and are taken by a family planning doctor over a two day period in the summer term.


SRE is not delivered in isolation but is firmly embedded in the curriculum.

SRE is normally delivered by class teachers in mixed gender groups or is delivered by the Pastoral Mentor / School Counsellor.

When appropriate, suitably experienced visitors such as the police are invited in to contribute to the discussion. All visitors adhere to the following:

  • All input to lessons are part of a planned programme which is agreed with the school in advance;
  • All visitors are accompanied and assisted by class teachers;
  • The input of visitors is used as an opportunity for reflection on the subject.

Specific Issues


Parents / carers have the right to withdraw their children from all part of the sex and relationships education provided at the school except for those part included in the statutory curriculum. Any parent / carer who would wish to exercise this right would be invited in to see the Headteacher who would listen to the concerns and endeavour to alleviate them. Marshfield to date, has not had any withdrawals from these areas of the curriculum.

Once a child has been withdrawn from SRE, that child would not be allowed to participate until the request for removal has been removed.


As a rule, a child's confidentiality is maintained by the members of staff such as the School Counsellor although a cautionary note is given prior to the information being offered. Should the member of staff feel that the information received should be passed to the counsellor or the member of staff responsible for Child Protection, the child will be told and will be supported through the whole process of retelling their story and any ensuing action.

Child Protection

Marshfield has a separate Child Protection Policy. Effective SRE may bring about disclosures of child protection issues and staff are aware of the procedures for reporting their concerns.

Controversial / Sensitive Issues

Staff are aware that views around SRE realted issues are varied. However, while personal views are respected, all SRE issues are taught without bias. Themes are presented using a variety of views and beliefs in order that pupils are able to form their own informed opinions, but also respect others that may have different opinions.

Dealing with Questions

Questions whether formal or informal, are answered in a way that is age appropriate. Questions of a more personal nature can be answered individually following the lesson. Staff should use their skill and discretion in this area and refer to the School Counsellor of Child Protection Coordinator if they are concerned in any way.

Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation

Marshfield Primary School believes that SRE should meet the needs of all pupils regardless of the developing sexuality and be able to deal honestly and sensitively with possible sexual orientation, answer appropriate questions and offer support. Any homophobic bullying would be dealt with strongly, yet sensitively. Parents would be consulted if such a situation arose.


All staff members, governors and parents are circulated with the policy either hard copy or electronically.