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Parent Complaints or Concerns


There may be times when you may wish to air a grievance or share an anxiety / concern with us.

You may wish to communicate this through a visit, to the school, by telephone or in writing. The method you choose should be appropriate to the urgency you feel.

Some concerns can be resolved simply by a telephone call, and others my require time set aside to discuss and agree future action.

Should you feel the concern requires immediate action, then a visit would be the best option.

The Parent's Handbook states that should you visit the school with a complaint or concern, the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher will be available to talk with you.


 Resolving your concerns will be undertaken with reference to the following principles:


We understand that any issue concerning your child is of the utmost importance to you. Therefore we will:

  • listen carefully;
  • clarify;
  • discuss and agree an action in order to resolve the problem;
  • agree a time and date for feeding back;
  • agree any further action following the successful resolution of the complaint / concern.

All complaints / concerns are treated seriously and information received informs us of:

  • possible areas of concern;
  • further potential difficulties.

The nature of concerns or complaints are varied, and thankfully, extremely few. We attribute this to the fact that the school and the home are prepared to work in partnership for the benefit of the children.

Opportunities for meeting with the Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher are:

  • 8.30-8.50 a.m. daily
  • by mutually convenient appointment
  • Parent Consultation Evenings
  • Headteacher's Open Door.

Opportunities for meeting with class teachers should be pre-arranged as they have teaching responsibility.

Should you wish to discuss any of the policy, please contact the school.

We are here to help.

Please note that any anonymous complaints will be disregarded. This follows Welsh Assembly guidelines.

If at any time you are unhappy with the outcome of the complaint / concern, you are invited to address your concerns to the Chair of Governors, Mrs. Alison Huckle whose address and telephone number are contained within the Parent's Handbook. The complaint should be in writing.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome, you may address your concerns / complaint to the Chief Education Officer for Newport:

Dr. Brett Pugh,

Newport City Council,

Civic Centre,


NP20 4UR