Charging Policy


Marshfield Primary School strives to enhance and enrich the learning experiences of our pupils. This not only adds to the enjoyment of the subjects they are taught, but to their understanding and experiences of the content. We believe all our pupils have an equal right to benefit from visit, curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Many of the activities we undertake necessarily have a cost associated with them. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide them unless we ask our parents for voluntary contributions.

There are some strict rules by which we must abide. Our charging policy, which has been agreed by the Governing Body of the school, sets out what we will charge for, how we will try and make it manageable for you as parents, and how we will assist those with limited income


Voluntary Contributions

Schools are not allowed to charge for activities which are part of the normal school day or part of the National Curriculum, but we can ask for Voluntary contributions.

Examples of times in which we ask for voluntary contributions include:

* Swimming

* Transport on school visits

* Admission charges

* Residential activities

In order to offer your child the widest range of activities designed to broaden their experiences, we must ask for your financial assistance.

Your contribution is voluntary, but if we do not receive sufficient contributions, the activity will need to be cancelled.



Parents who find that they are unable to pay due to their financial circumstances, should contact the Headteacher or the School Business Manager who will be able to assist them.

The voluntary contribution parents are requested to make, do not exceed the actual cost per pupil of the activity. No parent will be asked to subsidise those who have not paid.

We shall inform you if for any reason the activity cannot take place due to inadequate funds. 

We shall give you as much notice as possible of any activities which will require voluntary contributions.

Optional Extras

The following items are charged as optional extras:

* After school clubs provided by specialist trainers / tutors

* Private music tuition where the actual cost will not be exceeded by the charge.


Charging for residential visits

Marshfield believes that every child should experience at least one residential visit during their time at school.

The voluntary contributions required will cover all aspects of the visit. We can assure parents that the charge will not exceed the actual cost per child.


We will assist you in every way we can by:

* Giving you as much notice as possible

* Having clear procedures to enable you to pay by instalments

* Ensuring that, where there is a limited allocation of places, that children will be selected in a fair and transparent way.


Because of their financial situation, some parents may qualify for a reduction in the cost of residential visits.

If you feel you are in this situation, please contact the school.

All conversations will be treated with the utmost integrity.


Some visits the pupils experience:

* Father Christmas at various venues

* National Museum of Wales

* Tredegar House

* St. Fagans

* St. Mary's Church, Marshfield

* Newport Wetlands

* Magor Marshes

* National Botanic Garden of Wales

* London and local theatres

* PGL weekends

* Llangranog residential centre

* Hilston Park residential centre

* Caerleon Roman Museum and amphitheatre

* Etc.

Please see the Headteacher should you have any queries regarding this policy.