Healthy Schools

Build Your Children a Healthier Future!

Our Healthy Schools reps for 2015/16 are:

YrR EE - Nicole B                               Yr3 JH - Lily R

YrR LL - Sakura P                               Yr4 MB - Patience S

Yr1 DM - Emily G                                Yr4 DW - Isabella R

Yr1 SJL - Emma R                               Yr5 LS/EC - Ashley B

Yr2 JAD - Alfie J                               Yr5 OS - Emma A

Yr2 JB - Zac L                                    Yr6 EC - Kiah T

Yr3 HP - Zahara S                               Yr6 LD - Olivia G


Wise Up!

If you teach your children to eat healthily, they will learn healthy eating habits that will reward them with a lifetime of good health. All  children can be taught to be healthy eaters. Children who eat healthily have increased concentration, more energy and sleep well at night.

Increasing your child's intake of fresh, frozen and canned fruit and vegetables to five portions a day can help them avoid heart disease and some cancers, and has loads of other health benefits. For the best range of vitamins and other nutrients, serve a wide variety of types and colours.

Join us in our campaign to promote healthy living at Marshfield Primary School

Healthy Eating Tips


  • There is no such thing as good and bad foods, its the overall balance that counts.
  • Five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Always make time for breakfast - it helps concentration.
  • Cut down on salty foods and snacks, too much salt can leat to high blood pressure.
  • Try to have one pint of milk each day - 200ml of milk is the equivalent to a yoghurt or 30g of cheese.
  • Make food fun - reward healthy eating with a sticker, give a prise when they try something they have never eaten before, allow the children to prepare and cook food with you, it's all about having fun!
  • Try fresh ideas - chop unfamiliar fruits, try fruit kebabs, cook vegetables is unusual ways, put fruit into breakfast cereals.









We have put together some ideas to help you on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Use the links to take you on a healthy journey!